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A Spiritual Journey with Angels


Angels play a big part in my spiritual journey and I call them into my life all the time, especially before going to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. I also love God and Jesus very much and the image of the cross reminds me of the Christ energy Jesus carried during His life on Earth. The Christ energy is a very high frequency aspect of Source (God) which has the properties of unconditional love, empathy and compassion.


My spiritual journey began unexpectedly in the early 1960's when I was standing outside my child-minder's house in the mining town of Auchinleck, a short walk from my own house. I was fascinated by the beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky, especially when they started to move in a magical way. Suddenly the sky parted as if it was only a fine curtain and behind the veil was a beautiful scene that was as real as the ground I was standing on. I saw a beautiful country scene with colours so bright and saturated. It was as if I was looking through a giant window into another world, but a world just as real as the one I was living in. I wanted to share this vision with my child-minder, especially since we were only just getting to know each other, so I ran into her house calling to her to come and see the garden in the sky. However, when I stepped into her living room I stopped and gazed at a picture of a beautiful man with his hands held up against his open heart and I asked Mary to tell me who he was. Mary said the man was Our Lord Jesus and this was my first introduction to Jesus. Mary refused to come and look at my garden in the sky and she warned me never to tell anybody or they would say I was daft. I now know that Mary was just trying to protect me and was doing what she felt was right at the time. Feeling disappointed I ran back outside to get another look, but my garden had disappeared back behind the clouds. Every day after that I looked at the clouds and kept trying to understand what had happened and why nobody wanted to talk about the special world beyond the clouds.


When I was 7 years old I had the urge to go to church. Although my mum and dad didn't go to church they had a strong belief in God and Jesus. My dad's sister, Aunt Sally, was very religious and attended the Church of Scotland every Sunday, so I started going to Church with my Aunt Sally on a regular basis and continued to do so until I moved to Ayr when I was 39.


Although my faith in God and Jesus grew stronger and stronger, religion couldn't answer the puzzle of the other world beyond the clouds, but spirituality could. Being spiritual rather than religious fitted in with my belief that there is only one God and that He is a beautiful, loving and forgiving God. He is God for everybody and every religion. I also believe that the message and Christ energy that Jesus brought to Earth was meant for every single person. I was like a sponge and wanted to read as much information on the 'Other Side' that I could.


My psychic abilities started to develop in the 1980's when I started to hear people's thoughts. I couldn't make this happen, although I understand that some people are able to do so. However, I heard people's thoughts as if they were talking verbally. This was lovely if they were thinking nice things, but it is human nature to analyse people without realising that we are doing so and it was sometimes difficult to see myself as others saw me.


In the 1990's I started to get some information during my dreams about things that had puzzled me during the day. I either woke up feeling different about things, or sometimes a message was actually played out in my dreams.


Have I lived a perfect life? NO! However, I have learned many lessons from my challenges and the way that I chose to handle them during each part of my Earthly journey. Our challenges are tools for our spiritual ascension and it is how we deal with each challenge and not the actual challenges that are important, for we all come to Earth with different goals and aspirations.


Sometimes people challenge us because they have agreed to do so before coming to this life, for being challenged can help us develop our inner strengths and potential, as well as being a wake-up call to start doing things we came to Earth to achieve. Sometimes we are challenged because we have attracted that challenge into our life with our negative thoughts, for thoughts have more power than most people realise.



Angel Hearts

by Daniel B. Holeman



by Daniel B. Holeman


One Om

by Daniel B. Holeman


My work experience:

For many years my work was hospital based, starting at the age of 17 in 1977, when I worked for 9 months between the Admin office and Records office at my local Ballochmyle Hospital. In 1978 I began working as a nursing auxiliary prior to taking my State Enrolled Nurse training (2 year nurse), working as a nurse until 1991 when I left and became a student for a number of years.

I've worked in telephone sales and as a Medical Representative, as well as being a voluntary Reiki Therapist at Parkinson's disease society meetings in Troon for about two and a half years and a voluntary Reiki therapist at Café Hope, a meeting place for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, from November 2012 till October 2013. I am also a voluntary fundraiser for the Ayrshire Hospice.

A few years ago I kept being drawn to look at the Diana Cooper website and the Diana Cooper School website and decided to follow my intuition and take some courses with the school. I am now a qualified teacher of Angels, Ascension and Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper School.


My qualifications:


State Enrolled Nurse 1981

Higher National Diploma (HND) Photography 1996

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Combined Studies in Health 1998

Reiki I and II

Qualified Teacher of Angels, Ascension and Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper School.


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